That’s one way to build your business

I get a kick out of the homemade ads that land in our mailbox.  This is a typical specimen, complete with off center photocopying and blurry print.

It is from the “Centro de Relax”, a company which claims to be a national leader in the health industry.  They are offering the following incentives to attend their health meetings:

  • A half pound sausage
  • A half pound sausage with paprika and spices
  • A half pound blood sausage
  • A tub of pork fat with spices

Interesting marketing technique.


One comment

  1. What a great blog. Very funny of course, and I love the cop drinking thing.
    Your little man looks great.
    I like the term ‘al fresco’
    I like what you have done here, an easy way to appreatiate your writing and musings, and the kiddy update.

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