The Juicer

Fisher Price has nothing that can compare with the electric citrus juicer.  This is Yago’s favorite toy.  It’s a puzzle.  It’s a container.  It’s a bracelet.  It’s a prop for “Wheel on the Bus”.

When I first saw this contraption I thought it was the stupidest invention ever.  Then I started buying organic oranges for 80 cents a kilo, (that like 37 cents a pound for those of you who don’t speak metric).  Good morning, fresh squeezed orange juice!   YUM, this little baby is my friend.

My relationship with the juicer did get off to a rocky start, however.  I didn’t notice the cord that coils up underneath.  Being Canadian, I didn’t have much experience with fresh squeezed orange juice, but I rolled up my sleeves and started hand cranking.   After a week, as our orange juices got smaller and smaller, Rogelio noticed and plugged it in for me.

Now the only problem is my daily pre-breakfast search for all the pieces.

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