Cop + beer + cigarette = no problem

I am often at a loss when people ask me to describe Algeciras.  Spanish culture is so much more than the tourist image of bulls, tapas and flamenco dresses.  As my years here mount, I slowly deepen my understanding of the Spanish state of mind, what society accepts and expects, what behaviors are rewarded or shunned.   But I still scratch my Canadian head.  For example:

This headline in the local rag reads: 

“Union fights new law that would prohibit police from drinking on the job”.

The gist of the story is that the local police force is fighting its image problem by proposing new regulations.  All these proposals have been shot down by the union:

  • Ban on drinking on the job.
  • Ban on smoking while driving police cars.
  • Ban on officers dying their hair.

Apparently the union feels that a cop chugging a beer then driving away with a lit cigarette is not contributing to their image problem.  However, those who are proposing the new regulations feel that Clairol is partly to blame.


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