The cast

Yago’s fuzzy friends, mostly provided by Canadian family, are northern characters.  I suppose if we lived in Canada he would be packing around a big bull or a World Cup soccer action figure, but our Spanish house is populated by fierce Canadian forest creatures.

Introducing Peter.  Peter is a polar bear.  Notice how clean Peter is.  That reflects his popularity, or lack there of.

This is Mumford.  Mumford is a trendy rapper Roots moose.  Check out his hoody.

This is Monty.  You will notice Monty in plenty of photos.  He is head moose around here.  Even that rock’n Mumford can’t compete with Monty.  Monty gets around.  We don’t leave home without Monty.

Being head moose has its benefits, like lots of car rides and crib sleeping privileges.  But it has its drawbacks too.  Monty spends a lot of time facedown on the sidewalk.

Or forgotten in dirty little corners of the neighbourhood.

Poor Monty is developing small antler complex.  Our Spanish neighbours all assume he is a reindeer.  Moose don’t get a lot of love in Spain and I can relate.  People have guessed that I am Ukrainian, Dutch, French and Irish, but no one expects to find a Canadian and a moose roaming the streets of Algeciras.

Monty and I lament about being misunderstood and drown our sorrows in maple syrup while listening to Stewart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe on CBC.



  1. visions of you staggering through the streets, baby and moose in one arm, can of maple syrup in your hand, dribbles on your chin, occasional ornery , sugar slurred shouts about ‘I Am Canadain!’
    Cornering a local, and giving drunken lectures on the differences between a moose and a reindeer.

  2. Fabulous description of the rewards, and costs, associated with being head moose.

    Have you thought of staring in an “I am Canadian” beer ad? .. you could have the monopoly on the “I am the lone Canadian” ads. So, what “teddy bears” do Spanish kids have if they don’t have moose?

    Alas poor Monty, it’s a hard job, but some-moose has got to do it. (Not that I have.. hm… likely upwards of 10 teddy-moose myself. 🙂 )

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