Empty playgrounds

This is our usual playground at 11:00 am Sunday, family prime time for playgrounds, right?

Here it is again on a Tuesday at 1:30 pm.

One morning we went around 10:00 am and did find some company.

But usually, we have the slide to ourselves.

Where the heck is everyone?

If you want action at the playground,  wait until at least 5:30 pm.  Spanish kids don’t venture outdoors until right about the time Canadian kids go home for a bath.

The neighbour kid’s Mom always says, “Come on over to play, anytime after 7:30 pm”.  I know several kids on a midnight to noon sleep schedule.

Yago goes to bed around 9:00 pm, which seems crazy to Canadian Moms, but if he went to bed at 7:00 he would assume he was the only kid in the universe.  As it is, mornings  are pretty lonely when you only have Mom to play with.

One day I’ll try and stay awake late enough to take a picture of the playground full of kids.  Maybe if we stayed up until midnight Yago could put me to bed.


One comment

  1. I remember the play grounds in Portland in the ’70’s, same thing: empty all the time. I wonder why the still keep making them. Any nice photo project for you. Cute son you have too!

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