Happy campers

It is spring.

And we are going camping.  I can’t wait to get away from way from traffic, pollution and noisy neighbours for a few days.  But it means I will also be away from the computer.

So we’ll chat again next week.

We are sure enjoying our blog. I hope you are too.  Bloggers love comments, just so you know. Hint, hint.

Thanks for coming along for the virtual ride.



  1. I love your blog Rea, wow.
    You and your baby are really great. At least you have a playground, when I was a kid all we had were fields of landmines we couldn’t walk anywhere …so we learned to meditate….
    not a lot of fun for kids, but hey, what can you do?
    We would imagine how fun it would be to run and play on a slide.
    Then the most amazing thing happened,
    we learned to levitate, yup no shit, I have scince forgotten, but I remember it being fun, and made the whole land-mine thing a non-issue.
    Well hope you have a great campling trip, or camping.
    And remember, ”a large bird may fly, but it takes a small bird to go in a small hole”.-Hitler

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