Any other geocache addicts out there?

Geocaching is a high-tech, large-scale treasure hunt.  People hide Tupperware containers loaded with treasure and then leave the GPS coordinates, sometimes coded in clues, on a webpage.  People like us grab their GPS, go for a hike and see what kind of treasure they can find.

Geocaching combines everything that Rogelio loves;  technology, hiking and an excuse to use Google Earth.  He’s addicted.  Now our hiking destinations involve rummaging under rocks to find trinkets.

Here the boys are closing in on the prize.  That’s the rock of Gibraltar in the background.  I hope that doesn’t tip you off to the secret location.

Rogelio found the treasure under some rocks.

Yago is a little young yet, although he loves fishing the goodies out of the container.

Then Rogelio wrote in the log and returned the box to its hiding place with a new treasure inside.

This was a good geocache because it had two travel bugs.  Travel bugs are dog tags attached to some little trinket.  The dog tag has a trackable number you can use to discover where the trinket has been and where it is going.   Then you stash it in your next geocache to keep it moving towards its destination.

For example, Winny the Pooh started in California and his goal is simply to add kilometers to his log.  This busy little travel bug has crossed the Atlantic twice, has been stashed in several parts of the USA, UK and Germany, and is now making the rounds in Spain.  The spider started in Australia and hoping to see the capital cities of Europe.   We’ll stash them in other geocaches another day.

On the way home from finding Winny, Rogelio stopped to look for a mini-geocache at this lookout.  Doesn’t he look suspicious there, glancing over his shoulder, waiting for the other cars to leave.  I said “Who cares?  People will just think you are having a pee”.   But he said “No, this is Algeciras, they assume I am looking for my drug stash or contraband cigarettes from Gibraltar.”

Here is the mini stash and Rogelio’s beloved GPS.  Nope, no hashish inside.

We wrote in the log and left before some “Muggle” called the police.

Muggles.  That is what us geocachers call people who don’t rummage under rocks to find trinkets.  We live in a parallel universe and drink butterbeer.


  1. I love that non-geocachers are called Muggles! Wonderful! 🙂

    (Also, it may just be my connection, but about a third of the images are not loading for me.)


  2. Hey Rae… finally checked out your blog… We do a lot of geocaching around PG and BC when we are travelling. Great opportunity to see new areas we never would have see otherwise!

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