Shoes we saw at the park today

Shoes in Spain are fascinating.  I wish the authorities would provide me with the Spanish footwear regulations because I am obviously out of step, so to speak.  People put a lot of care and money into their footwear.  You don’t just show up at the park in your runners.  Or in your rubber soled leopard skin socks.

Pom-poms get lots of points.

Tights, or at least long socks, are mandatory.   Even for baby boys.

But how do they keep them so clean?  Good question.

From what I hear, yelling keeps your kids clean.  This was the only little guy I saw who looked comfortable.  His mom was yelling at him from the park bench.   She didn’t want him touching the ground with any part of his body or clothing that was not the flat surface of the shoe bottom.  No toe scuffing, rock kicking or heaven forbid, sitting.  Apparently you can get sick if you touch the ground.

Which is maybe why the Moms wear such high heels, to keep them far from germs.

That pinky toe doesn’t look very comfortable.  Although if I had legs like this I might be tempted to show them off.

Not all the Moms wear high heels.  Some wear conservative boots,

but with really short skirts.

Maybe this woman didn’t get the shoe memo either.  Or perhaps there is an exit clause for steel studs.  Either way, all that metal has got to slow you down.

So to keep the everyone’s footwear clean, the Moms yell from park benches.  Sometimes the kids come over to have a chat, if they need some more potato chips or something, but Mom activity is footwear driven.  Running does not go with their outfits.

As you can see, these are not “running” shoes.


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