Old guys rocking the hat

Older Spanish men also dress to impress, at least from the forehead up.  The old farts hanging around the plaza in the morning look sharp.  They know how to rock a hat.  It’s about attitude, not just slapping a ball cap over your bald spot.

This jaunty number leaves old ball cap head in the background.

I love this hat.

This one is great too.

And this hat, plus the rock star sunglasses?  That is how you look good while loitering by a construction site.

But the hat, sunglasses AND a silk scarf.    This guy wins.  Buddy is looking at him in awe.

Even grumpy pants here is looking good.

Cell phone or ear hair itch?  Given the impeccably pressed shirt and sweet cap,  I suspect the guy has an ear-hair razor and knows how to use it.  He probably has a new iPhone in matching tweed.

I love the fancy gentlemen, but I fear this fellow has gone too far.  He lost me with the shells.

Now maybe I’m just getting picky, but an extra button on the shirt wouldn’t hurt either.



  1. Man, killer hats! Thanks for sharing. I also agree the last guy needs another button! Laughing, laughing, laughing.

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