First communion

Spring is wedding season.  Here in Spain it is also the time of first communions and baptisms.  On Saturday we saw three different communions leave the church and stop at the playground. The playground next to the bar.  Gotta keep all the guests happy.

The little girls wear miniature wedding dresses and the parents spend a fortune to host wedding style celebrations in restaurants with DJs and all the trimmings.

Check out these dresses.

Of course little girls love to dress up like princesses.

The vast majority of Spanish folks are nominally Catholic but only step into a church for weddings, baptisms and first communions.  Even then it’s only a short stop on the way to the bar restaurant.

And now, let’s check out some of the guests.

That hat is worth a second look.

Everyone wants their picture taken with the bride princess,

and wears their highest heels and shiniest dress Saturday best for the occasion.

Did you check out the photographer?

How about a close up of those shoes.

I hope that dress isn’t flammable.

Although little girls love to dress up like the bride, when they hit the playground they are still children.

For all their yelling, the Moms can’t keep the white dresses off the equipment.

While their parents celebrate,

the princesses play on the swings,

and hang out with their friends.



  1. So funny.
    I had a first communion – we did the Catholic thing for real. Mine was a cheap dress from Sears, but I wore a veil as well. Little brides of Christ.

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