Our lady of the miracles.

We were driving through the countryside this weekend when something caught my eye.

“Hey, isn’t that an interesting rock.  What’s with the colorful box stuck on the front of it, and those flowers?”

It’s Nuestra Señora de Los Milagros, (Our Lady of the Miracles)  She is a virgin.

Never having studied catechism, I am not the best to explain the immaculate conception.  However, as far as I can understand, Jesus only had one Mom and her name was Mary (or Maria in Spanish) and she was a virgin.  But where I lose the plot is with all these different alters.  They all pay homage to Maria.  But here’s the kicker;  they all have different names.  Sometimes the virgin is Pilar, or Rocío, or Carmen, like she is an immaculate schizophrenic.  But apparently, they are all the one and only, virgin mother of christ.  Get it?

I’ll look into the details and get back to you.

Anyways, here is one of the virgins and the poor old gal is stuck out on the highway somewhere between Jimena and Ubrique in rural Spain.

She apparently gets some visitors and you can see all the goodies that people leave her, from candies to key chains and  school photos to flowers.  I saw some bikers stop, walk up to her and do the fancy cross thing, but they didn’t leave her squat.

All kinds of people come.

Hey is that foreign looking kid barefoot at the altar?  And what is he doing?  Talking on a cell phone?

Mary.  Come in Mary.  You’re breaking up.  Come in Mary.

Oh dear, now all hell is breaking loose.  Is that a moose on the altar?  For Christs Pete’s sake Monty, don’t break anything up there.



  1. That is the most lucid description of a road-side shrine I have ever seen! It seems it could now be called the “Moose & Mary Shrine”.

  2. Ahh yes the virgin momma, we see these all over Baja.
    I love your take on it. And Tell Yago to move the cell phone from ear to ear..so as to minimize the brain wave badness, at least thats what I think helps…hit er from both sides at least.
    I think Monty was looking up her dress no?

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