Hickman’s Market

Although this window display is from a Spanish fashion franchise, they must have stolen, borrowed or been inspired by a Las Vegas themed sales pitch.

If you can’t appreciate it in the photo, the featured artists at the record shop are Mac E, Lil Wyte and Ti Vs Tip.

“Hickman’s market” makes me chuckle.  No one here gets it.  They are using an image of flannel shirts and cowboy hats to sell dress pants and golf shirts.   Not that all their customers dress so conservatively.  Out front you can see;

tight and bulgey,

light and fluffy,

or matchy matchy,

But not a wife beater tank top or mullet haircut to be found.

Not that Spanish marketers aren’t creative.  In our fancy department store you can buy the  official T-shirt of the “Vancouver Whales.”  Now that is a creative way to get around brand misrepresentation.


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