Top Ten List: Why I am a freak

Our big computer is revolting and I am without photo programs at the moment. While we reorganize, my lack of images provides opportunity to launch a new theme:  Top ten lists.  Maybe Letterman did it first, but NotSoSpanish will do it with more garlic.

Top Ten Reasons Why I am a Freak in Spain.

  1. I wear sandals in winter
  2. I don’t eat pork fat on my toast
  3. I didn’t have my ears pierced at birth
  4. I don’t have a TV
  5. I’m not Catholic
  6. I left home before 35
  7. My life’s goal is not to become a bureaucrat
  8. I sleep with the window open
  9. I use my balcony to enjoy the view, not hang my laundry.
  10. I don’t wear nylons with my shorts

One comment

  1. I am glad that your mammoth computer has eaten your photo program because this is seriously one of the funniest things I have ever read. When your program is working, please post photos of nylons with shorts and also the plethora of laundy on the balconies. Thanks for the laugh.

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