Beach bellies

Spring has sprung and skin is in.  These fellows are letting it all hang out on the beach by our house.

Some are hanging more than others.

Spring comes in stages.  First, the old men take off their shirts.  Second, the young girls break out the tank tops.  Then finally, the old ladies bust out the bikinis.  Although the kids are already in bathing suits, the “senoras”  have so far only shed their support hose and high heels.

I’m willing to bet that when she trades that house dress for a bathing suit she still won’t let go of the purse.  I’d love to know what’s in there.

Maybe that is where she keeps the shells and rocks she finds.

She must have something fun because when the kids on the beach saw her coming, they followed down the shore like sunscreen scented rats behind a purse toting, flower frocked Pied Piper.



  1. Haha. And to think I’m worrying about revealing my post-baby belly on the beach.

    By the way, I think the second guy down might be an alien… he has no belly button!?

  2. OMG Hannah, I didn’t notice that lack of belly button. You can be sure that I do not have time to photoshop out ugly belly buttons so he must be an alien, or about to give birth to one. Right here in Algeciras. Well, nothing surprises me anymore.

    Please do society a favor and get your gorgeous long legs on the beach in a bathing suit. Our eyes need some relief from the bellies.

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