Top Ten List: Tapas that should be eaten before translating

  1. Pickled and fried shark bits
  2. Fried sea amemones
  3. Stewed pigs cheeks
  4. Fried blood
  5. Mini liver sandwiches with pork fat
  6. Fried pigs noses
  7. Snails in mint sauce
  8. Raw anchovies in vinegar
  9. Tuna in lard
  10. Cod egg salad

Yes I have eaten all of the above.  The stewed pigs cheeks and fried blood are my favorites.


One comment

  1. Ya know, I’d even consider *not* translating the menu, having read all of those. I mean, let’s face it, the damage is done! Either you like it or not. Why burden yourself with knowing what you are eating. I’m not sure I’d feel better off knowing what I had just eaten if it appeared on that list!

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