All the branches on my family tree have the same name

Remember we were talking about the virgin María? Her popularity is apparent.  28.5% of the Spanish population (men and women) has “María” in their name.  It’s more than 3 in 10 for women.

In general, name creativity in Spain is not encouraged.  Most people are named after a close family member.  I haven’t met any little Rainbows or Waterfalls at play group.

For example:  My friend Ana has a brother, Andres.  Andres has two children, who he named (wait for it),  Ana and Andres.

Check out Yago’s family tree on the Spanish side.  It starts with two sets of great-grandparents.  I bolded my Rogelio’s name so you can pick him out from the other five Rogelios.

So the score card reads:

  • Rogelio: 6
  • María del Carmen: 4
  • Jose del María:  3
  • María in some form:  12 out of 29 = 41% of the Family

Better than the national average!  And we didn’t even get into middle names.  For the record, Rogelio’s is José.  But you probably already guessed that.


  1. *SMILING* I was trying to follow all the Rogelio and Antonias…that is funny that you would name your kid after your sister?
    In Mexico you usually name your first born son after the father. but that tradition is being left behind for more American names like Ethan ,Michael or Makena.

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