Recipe: white asparagus soup

Perhaps I enjoyed a sheltered existence in Canada, but I don’t remember eating white asparagus until I moved to Spain.

So why is white asparagus white, you ask?  Light starved.  Like a Canadian in January.  Check out the pasty color.  They are dreaming of a Puerta Vallarta all-inclusive as we speak.

OK, they are short on color, but just look at those bad boys.  Honking big chunks of asparagus.  Organic too.  They make excellent drum sticks,

and give us the perfect excuse to chat about cold soup.

Gazpacho is the classic Spanish cold soup, but there are plenty of others.  Cold soups are a natural choice in a hot climate full of great vegetables.  Especially if you only have seven teeth.

That said, asparagus soup of any color or temperature is not a traditional Spanish dish.  That is the beauty of being a foreigner, I can thumb my nose at rules.   To whom do I address my letter, nominating Cold Asparagus Soup to the list of official traditional cuisine?


I better also add a disclaimer about recipes.  Precise measurements have never been my style.  Good luck.

Cold White Asparagus Soup

Take a nice big handful of white asparagus and steam it until tender.   Saute up some onion and garlic in olive oil, then add the asparagus.   My fearless assistant will demonstrate.

(Hint:  we recommend keeping your wine glass/sippy cup close by)

Toss the asparagus mix in the blender with a slug of milk,  a chunk of grated parmesan cheese and a pinch of salt.  If it is too thick, add some of the steamed veg water.  Then just work your personal magic adjusting for thickness and taste.  Pass it through a sieve to get rid of the stringy bits if you aren’t up to flossing today.

Chill and serve.  You can up the presentation factor with a pinch of grated parmesan and a drizzle of both olive oil and lemon juice on top.  The lemon also adds a refreshing kick.

It tastes best on a sultry evening, sitting on the balcony in your high chair.



  1. yummy… I am going to try this with the beatiful green asparagus we have around here right now. Also love the green shirt. Everything is coming up green!! Also, awesome pics, good perspective with the young lad holding the asparagus…

  2. I can’t get over the shear size of those asparagus. I planted a bed of greenies this year so I should have them in 3-5 years,hahaha. If I know my bejtables, the white ones are white because the “blanch” them, basically have them growing to size in tubes or underground, like they do to Belgian endive.
    You make everything sound so yummy, and your personal assistant (sous chef) is very cute! I’m not a huge asparagus fan (though I love them baby and raw)but I think I just might have to try this recipe. Hey, I also got different type of seeds to try this year. They are called Asparagus Peas—they apparently grow like a pea but the little pods have wings and are picked at about an inch and supposedly they taste like a light pea/asparagus flavour. I guess will see??

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