Top Ten List: Reasons my neighbours would call social services.

1.  My kid goes out in public with two different shoes on.

2.  He plays with wild animals.

3.  We let him drink and drive.

4.  He gets his hands wet when the temperature is ONLY 18 degrees.

5.  And even worse, his feet.

6.  We still breastfeed…..

7.  …even in the elevator (OK, only if I am really in a hurry to get out of the house)

8.  We eat curry for breakfast,

9.  but not potato chips for lunch.

10.  But worst of all, NO POM-POMS ON HIS SOCKS!



  1. I just passed your blog on to my hairdresser and you made her whole day. She told me that she laughed so hard she cried. Keep ’em coming!

  2. You’re done for. They are soooo coming to get you. But you forgot one…
    11. Sand is an integral part of Yago’s diet. Breast milk and Sand yummy! LOL

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