Fourth Anniversary

Tomorrow is our 4th wedding anniversary.  A good reason for a hike down memory lane.  Plus the computer really did pack it in and I can’t work with any new photos.

People ask, “So, just how did it happen.”  I went on holidays, armed with my Spanish vocabulary of “vino” and “cerveza.”  Instead of a T-shirt for a souvenir, I picked up a husband.

It involved a lot of magic and coincidence, a forest fire, a church parking lot, and a really annoying guy blowing a conch shell at 6:00am.

And maybe a little Orujo.

When Rogelio talks about our story he focusses on the chorizo bagettes.

860 km of walking, a few months of illegal immigrant status, some sketchy paperwork and boom, we got married.

I had planned on a quick elopement ALONE at the judge’s office in Tarifa, but Rogelio’s Mom and Dad nominated themselves to be witnesses and brought along all the whole family.

So a bunch of strange, unknown relatives dominate the wedding photos. You may recognize some of the names from the family tree.

Here are some Rogelios.

And some more Rogelios.

If I couldn’t control the guest list, I had even less grasp on the ceremony.  It was in Spanish of course.  Rogelio just elbowed me when it was time to say “SI” and told me where to sign.

It all turned out pretty well, (the marriage that is).

To celebrate our anniversay, we will return to Tarifa, the site of the big day, to share some champagne in the same fancy cups that we drank out of on our wedding day.  These same cups travelled “El Camino a Santiago” with us.  You may recognize them from yesterday’s post.  Our best stemwear is usually found in the toy box.

Yes, a romantic story on a special day to be savored and celebrated.  But, something tells me, we won’t be alone this time either.


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