Lawsuit over sexually assaulted cow: I couldn’t make this stuff up.

A classic news article from San Roque, a village 10 km down the road.

Cow dies after sexual assault by donkey

A citizen of San Roque is seeking damages for the death of his cow, that was sexually assaulted by a donkey belonging to the municipality.  The cow’s owner alleges that the donkey entered his property and chased the cow with dishonest intentions. When the cow tried to escape the donkeys advances, she fell over a ledge and died as a result.

The story began when the municipality of San Roque decided to buy a donkey for its annual living nativity scene.  The donkey spends the rest of the year on a local farm that neighbours the dead cow’s property.

The charges laid by the cow’s owner indicate that it was the donkey who entered his property, sexually assaulting his cow, while the municipality claims that the cow provoked the attack.

Jose Lara, city councilor for San Roque explained his version of the facts.  “We are dealing with a young, strong donkey, and of course, when he saw the naked cow, with her tits hanging out, he lost control and charged her.

The judicial services of the municipality are charged with determining whether or not the incident was sexual assault.


One comment

  1. What I want to know is, do regular cows in Spain wear bras and/or clothes usually???
    That is waaaayyy to funny!!

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