Eat your heart out, American Idol.  This is “Se Llama Copla”.   It is the Spanish version of the season long singing contest, but done in a song style called Copla.  Copla isn’t as traditional as you might think, given all the polka dots.  Born in the 1940s, Copla is based on tragic poetry in couplet verse.  Lots of death and spurned lovers.  You can see it in the raging faces of the contestants.

The season finale of “Se Llama Copla” was the most watched show ever in Andalusia.  This is Spanish prime time TV.  This, football and voiced-over reruns of CSI Miami.

Here are the top eight doing a group number.  Only one male finalist and he looks a little stiff.  All those ruffles must be intimidating.

And here is the winner.  It’s an intense five minutes.  I don’t blame you if you can’t hang in there for the whole thing.  All that emoting just exhausts me.

I understand that the Idol shows are getting a little tired in North America.  Maybe they need more ruffles.  Or male backup dancers like Suited Spinning guy here.  Love him.

A girl needs serious chutzpah to wear a polka-dot fishtail dress.  I think Simon Cowell would finally meet his match with these gals. One nasty word and WHAM.  Stiletto to the eyeball.


One comment

  1. WoW!!!
    Oh how I wish I could understand what Joana was so sad and passionate about…I’ll only guess it must have been about the dress they put her in. Which on a side note, I kinda like. You ought to get yourself one of them Rea.
    The American Idols aint got NOTHING on her! LOL

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