The Big Little Market: Part two – shoes

So, just where do Algeciras people buy all those impressive shoes?

The big little market of course.   Great footwear is a hard-won bargain, originating from the back of a white van.

These fellows are responsible for bringing fierce footwear to the masses.

So, it doesn’t look like Rodeo Drive, but hey, they have to set up their wares in a different town everyday and load them into a van every night.

The shoe-men bring buckles and mesh,

metal studs and plastic lace,

and however you would describe these,

even barrel loads of thongs, for people like me.

Watch your noggin if  you are more than 5 feet tall.

There are shoes hanging everywhere.  This helps you evaluate your prospects from a safe distance.  Be prepared to get your elbows out if you dare approach the table.

The big little market is not kind to the meek.  The meek do not inherit shoes like this.

Be ready to duke it out for the good stuff.


One comment

  1. I just HATE those half high heels and half boots shoes that are popping up everywhere. UGLY. Don’t know why it is the new hot item. I will be passing on that one.

    In France the markets have loads of shoes and bras too. But in Strasbourg it is usually only during the HUGE market that happens once a year during summer.

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