To all the girls I’ve loved before

Look at that gorgeous blue building.  Too bad about the digital billboard beside it.

Hold on a second.  Is that who I think it is?

Julio Iglesias!  He lives!  And he must be in financial trouble because he is touring this summer.

OK, I admit I am a Willy Nelson fan.  Who convinced Willy and Julio that this was a good idea?

The way Julio is eyeing up ol’ Willy kind of creeps me out.  Julio is looking at Willy like he’s lunch.  Willy looks a tad uncomfortable.

Willy’s saying “Man, duets with Waylon were WAY less uptight.  Is he yanking my chain with that headband?”

From Willy Nelson to Julio Iglesias.  Doesn’t that just describe my cultural journey.

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