Feeling the wind in your pubic hair

I promised you yesterday and I hate to disappoint.  Here you have it.  My artistic masterpiece.  I call it, “Guy taking a leak”.

And this is called “Guy taking a leak: the close up”.

Although I did get the full-on frontal view,  I will save you the details.

Yago and I were cruising along with the morning dog crowd when this guy sped by on a scooter.  After he passed us, he pulled over beside a fence.   We walked right by him, not 3 feet away.  When I realized the situation, he was at the shake the dew off the lily stage.  Then he got back on his scooter and sped off.

We continued our walk.  As we came around the next corner, there he was;  same yellow stream, new location, new audience.  Like the dogs walking by him, he knew how to save a few drops for an opportune moment.  This time I realized we were onto something special so I took out the camera.

Shake-shake, tap-tap, back on the scooter;  he sped off to brighten some more people’s day.

Oh, how an exhibitionist wagging his willy makes me nostalgic.  It reminds me of my first day in southern Spain. It was in Cádiz.  I had just disembarked from a bizarre all night bus odyssey from Santiago.  As I stumbled out into the hot sun, the first person I saw was a guy on a scooter.  He was masturbating.  Driving with one hand and pulling the throttle with the other.

Much more exciting than the welcome wagon.  I thought to myself, “You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.”



  1. And we thought living in Switzerland was hard! They were just very anal and clean… you definately aren’t in Kansas, Dorothy!

  2. oh lordy, this made me spit out MY paprika-flavored lard toast! Just found your blog through some links – I’m an American in Málaga blogging at loveandpaella.com

    Definitely subscribing here! Anything that can make me laugh this hard is worth the read!

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