Poor man’s spa

We live on the 8th floor.  No lawn to run around on, no community pool.  We have a great view of the beach, but don’t always get there.

Bring on the kiddie pool!  It is a great place to play and cool off.  Or soak your feet with a cool beverage.  Or destroy play with the garden equipment.

My poor garden.  It hasn’t been the same since Yago was born.  The pecking order around here is mammals, insects, plants.   The kid is thriving, the worm composter is surviving, but the garden has seen better days.

The meshed in balcony is more to save the neighbours from a steady stream of falling toys than for his protection.

He hates the shower but you can dump water on his head all day.

Check out the farmer’s tan on the forearms.  Luckily for Yago, he is not as lilly-white and freckled as his Mom. He at least received moderately Spanish skin because his little hands and forearms are getting toasty brown, even with all the sunscreen I slather on.

From the waist down he does resemble his father, more than me.  Not sure what he will think of all these nudey photos floating around in cyberspace.  Do you think I should start saving for his therapy now?

Nah.  Kid looks all right to me.



  1. Hola (might be my only surviving Spanish word), and thanks for stopping by over at mine.
    Your pictures make me jealous, and I think I’ll try that olive oil-tomato soup recipe – sounds yummy and my country bumpkin relatives grow tons of tomatoes!

    Good luck with your little one’s Spanish (and English, of course!) – it’s sooo nice when they get past the one word stage 🙂

  2. Absolutely adorable pics Rea, they all just bring back memories even down to the toast brown arms, Darius has always tanned as well as I burn. Yago is such a little sweetheart I even put his picture up in the livingroom, because his big grin makes me laugh everytime!

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