Mommy is a slow learner

Yago is obsessed with openning the front door.  He’s ready to make a run for it.

I spend a lot of time searching for my keys at inopportune moments.  He has his favorite drop off points;  the book basket, the pot and pan cupboard, the kiddie pool.  But sometimes, Yago figures I need a good challenge.  He is concerned I have nothing interesting to stimulate my Mommy mind.  Some folks stay sharp with sukodus or cross words.  Others study philosophy or entertain witty friends.   I puzzle over “WHERE THE $#!!!$% ARE MY KEYS?

I have found them inside a thermos, in the kitchen cupboard.  The toilet?   Obviously.  Today they turned up in his dad’s djembe drum.

All the mental gymnastics is not having the desired effect on my intelligence.  I keep giving him my keys.

A few notes about these photos:

  • Yes, my walls are painted hot pink.  One of the benefits of a color-blind husband.
  • Yes, Yago stands on a chair.  It keeps him quiet for a few moments which is safer than driving me batty.
  • No, he never wears clothes.   It’s stinking hot and we don’t have carpet.

Do I have time to dose myself with dark chocolate before he figures out that latch?

Stay tuned for action shots of me chasing a naked boy through the lobby.


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