Break out the polka dots, its Feria!

The fine folks of Algeciras are dusting off their polka dots.  The fair starts on June 19!

Yago is checking out the bullfighting line up.

It is THE biggest event of the year.  Highlights include the bullfights, a huge midway, and “las casetas” (the stands.)  Important associations and businesses set up their own temporary bars.  The fairgrounds are transformed into a temporary city, with lit streets and wall-to-wall temporary restaurants, bars and night clubs.  Sometimes they are open only to certain members, sometimes they are open to the public.

I’ll show you some photos during the event and you’ll get the idea.

There are 72 casetas.  That doesn’t include all the other food venders, regular restaurants, junk food peddlers etc.

Eating and drinking.  Feria is like everyday in Spain but you don’t have to walk as far.  If downtown every second door opens onto a bar, for Feria they save you the trouble and every door leads to a drink.

Businesses are decorating casetas.  The city is erecting the ceremonial door.  Bullfighters are looking for their pink socks.  Don’t even try to get a hair appointment this week.

So much to do.  Tomorrow, dress shopping!


    1. Algeciras’ virgin sacking festival is relatively small, because it happens underwater! Our virgin Mary is named Palma and she spends the year covered in barnacles in the raunchy waters of the port. On August 15th they haul her out, hose her down and parade her through the streets. The scuba gear requirement keeps the crowds down.

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