Ruff, ruff, ruffle. I’m going dotty.

Imagine ladies, that you walk into Superstore, Walmart, or your local discount grocery/clothing combination store.  You say to yourself, “You know, I’d like to look my best for feria.  I’m going to find something special. Something flattering.  How about a skin-tight,  fishtail ruffle dress with big polka dots on it?”

Well, welcome to discount, plus size, polka dot heaven!

Big dots, little dots.  Sleeveless, or ruffled sleeves.  Ruffles or more ruffles.  There is something on sale for everyone.

If you are feeling sassy, how about a kicky little strapless number?  Notice the wall full of fringed shawls in case your shoulders get chilly.

I shouldn’t exaggerate about the polka dots.  There are some solid dresses.  Or, at least there was one.

Even a few earth tones and separates.  But ruffles?  You don’t get a choice on the ruffles.

Notice the large bin of flowers for behind the ear.  Accessories are also a must.

There are strands of plastic beads and bangles to match every dot and every flower.

What shoes match polka dots?  More polka dots of course!

Feria dresses are just like bridesmaid dresses.  You get a ton of wear out of them afterwards.



    1. Funny, I was so busy taking photos that I never considered buying one! Maybe I should at least go try some on, (and take along Rogelio with the camera). hhmmmm.

      Love your name, but the way. Ginger Wilde. With the risk of offense I will say it: perfect name for a screen ID. Or, a pop star, porn star, hippy or herb farm. Or just a sexy redhead.

      Thanks for reading along.

  1. That purple polka dot number is definitely MY choice… and those green polka dot shoes…awesome! I mean come on its FERIA! (which if I remember correctly is or was a brand of hair dye. hehehe

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