World Cup: hairband or haircut?

Tomorrow is World Cup kick-off.  We’re excited.  The whole world is excited!

I know that football soccer doesn’t have the same following in North America as it does in the rest of the world, but the World Cup is HUGE.  Get with it over there!  The Superbowl is small potatoes.

Like all Europeans, the Spanish adore their national team. The flags have been hung from balconies. The pay per view TV has been contracted.  Yago has his jersey and Algeciras is dressed in red and yellow.

“Hey!  Traitors!”

Yes, it is just 22 guys in shorts chasing a ball.   But they call it “The Beautiful Game.”

If that isn’t enough, football soccer is THE best venue for sighting men in hairbands.

Thanks to for the photos.  They are holding an interesting discussion about the pros and cons, aesthetically and athletically, of men in hairbands.  In case that dilemma keeps you awake at night.

Check out the FIFA website (International Football Association) if you want to keep track of the action.   Spain is in Group H with Honduras, Chile and Switzerland. Our first game isn’t until June 16th.  That gives us a week to get our hair situation sorted out.

The kid has so much hair he can hardly see.

What do you think?  Is Yago a metro-sexual style setter with the headband, or should I give him a haircut?

“Mom, put that camera down and help me get this silly thing OFF!”


One comment

  1. Tia, we can see you in the mirror! Love it.

    Hairband or haircut? My vote: Hairband… look at all that beautiful blonde hair!

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