The haircut: Before and after (and during?)

Do you like risky animal sports?  Maybe bull fighting, bronc riding, or bear wrestling?  Are you fascinated by man’s endless battle to dominate nature?  The struggle of  the intelligent, yet defenseless human, against the raw animal power of a wild beast.  Does that titillate you?

Try giving a toddler a haircut.  Excitement, suspense, the possibility of blood and gore;  it’s all there.

How does one tame the  wild animal one-year old?  Brute force is impossible.   Red cape?  Tranquilizer gun?   No, the defenseless human must use his opposing thumb and superior intellect to outwit the stronger opponent.

So, I cut his hair while he was asleep.

The technique does have its limitations.  It took two days and three naps.

So, here you have before.

There is no doubt.  The kid had some hair.

It was a delicate procedure, executed with the grace and precision of an experienced bull fighter.  And the reckless abandon and sheer luck of a bear wrestler.  And a stroller with restraining devices, just in case.

Here are some highlights of the match.

First period:

Sorry about the fuzzy flash photo taken in the dark.  I was in a hurry to retreat and lick my wounds before the wild animal toddler awoke.

Phase Two:

Asymmetrical styles are in this year.  Aren’t they?

Phase Three:

Oh, dear.  I guess I should work on the back a little bit more.  How do I convince him to sleep on his tummy?

And finally, after a tought battle, both opponents emerged victorious.

With ears intact.

It’s just a little hair, but it changed my wild animal baby into a little boy!

Do you dare me to take on Rogelio’s beard?



  1. I doubt the same technique would work on Rogelio. For example, it is unlikely he’ll be comfortable enough to sleep once you somehow manage to get him into the stroller. 🙂

  2. I think Yago looks adorable…with or without hair…but you did a good job! Imagine if we all had to go thru 2 days and a bunch of naps just to get a haircut.
    The beard…I dare you BUT have no ideals of implementation.

    1. He has started asking people on the street for their keys. And they hand them over! Then he walks to the nearest car, door or key sized hole and starts working away. I have met alot of people this way.

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