Prozac and hockey sticks for 46 million

Spain lost their first World Cup match to Switzerland. We are deep in national trauma.  We’re talking Prozac for 46 million.

Maybe we could handle a loss against Brazil, or Italy, some other hot-blooded Latinos.  But Switzerland?  We lost to a bunch of  tall, blonde punctual people?   I’m not sure Spain will recover.

I’m a fickle fan.  After yesterday’s embarrassment I am ready to pack up the red and yellow.  The World Cup?  Yawn.  The beautiful game?  Bahumbug.  Kick that ball into the ditch and let’s move on to a new sport.

Hhhmmm…   Cycling is big in Europe, maybe we can focus on that.

Or maybe with the national psyche so fragile it would be a good time to introduce something completely different.  The Spanish population may be so down-trodden and discouraged that they would be willing to branch out.  We need a fresh start.  Something to spark that zest for life so tangible in Spain until the end of yesterday’s game.

I know just the thing.

Group therapy and 46 million hockey sticks!



  1. Wait a tick….double take.
    Annie??? you know Rea?? Rea you know Annie??
    The only two peoples blogs I actually read consistantly.
    Yup…small world!

    1. I read Annie’s blog and make her recipes, but haven’t had the pleasure in person. Seeing as she lived in Nanaimo, do you know Annie? We all certainly have a lot in common, except for the fact that I now live on the other side of the planet. Even cyberspace is a small world.

  2. I first met Annie a number of years ago via Freecycle, she was a moderator, I, a simple freecycler. UNfortunately (at least to me) we never really had an opportunity to spend any amount of time together before she moved North. Though she is great friends with Justine, who is a friend that lives on Gabriola. I guarantee you’d love Justine as well. They are both great gals, full of knowledge and super cool (as far as I’m concerned). Definitely LOTS in common.
    P.s. I adore Annie’s roasted veggies and miso gravy!

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