Gibraltar – part one: Getting there is half the fun.

Gibraltar is odd. It is the only place in Europe that you need a passport to cross the border and we go there to buy chocolate chips.

This areal view gives you the lay of the land.  Gibraltar is just an anomaly of granite jutting out of the beach.  That is Africa in the distance.  The small mountain sticking up out of the haze is Jebel Musa, Gibraltar’s twin in Morocco.  Together they are known as  The Pillars of Hercules.

Legend has it that Hercules had to complete 12 challenges, one that involved bringing cattle to Eurystheus via the Atlas Mountains.  Instead of taking the high road, he pushed apart the continents and took a shortcut through the Strait of Gibraltar.  Freighters, tankers and tall ships have been taking the same shortcut ever since.

If you are just transporting appropriate hand luggage, you can take a plane instead.  Check out the airport.

The runway lies perpendicular to the only vehicle and pedestrian access to the entire place.  When a plane lands they have to shut down the border.

What is more bizarre, walking across an airstrip or landing a plane on a sidewalk?

And thanks to Photoshop, you can see that not even Hercules would run that red light.



  1. Wow! Incredible place. Of course I know where Gibraltar is but really knew little about it. Thanks so much for this informative and funny post!

  2. Gibraltar is VERY VERY VERY odd! 😀 ….. by the way, few of people (some of my English friends) think its an island somewhere and you need to get to it by ferry. 🙂

  3. I remember when I was in Cadiz, I was in a frenzy to collect stamps in my passport so we headed to Gibraltar, feed the monkeys (although you aren’t suppose to ) but I got my stamp!

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