Parade? What parade?

Algeciras kicks off Feria with a parade.  Floats, bands, people lining the streets, the usual stuff.  But all that is secondary. Algeciras folks take parade watching to new heights.

People line the streets early to secure a prime spot.  But instead of just setting up a lawn chair, they arrive with tables and large tents.  Trucks unload BBQs, kegs of beer and whole legs of ham.  Some even have uniforms, generators and professional sound systems.

Some groups host sit-down family dinners for 20 on the side of the road.

Others set up bars and offer drinks and tapas to neighbours walking by.

The mother of one of Rogelio’s students kept him in beer.

Beside every tent you find garbage cans full of ice to hold the booze.  The garbage is thus piled on the street.

You also see lots of pitchers like these.

Those are Rebujitos, the typical drink served at Feria.  It’s dry sherry mixed with 7UP.  People used to just drink sherry but everyone got too drunk. Now they cut it with 7UP.  Everyone gets equally drunk but the line-ups at the bathroom are longer.

Of course, no self-respecting sidewalk bar is without a whole leg of jam and a sharp knife.

Parade?  What parade.  The real action is on the sidelines.  Everyone is so into their cups by the time the floats drift by that nobody notices that the parade itself is a bore.


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