Sand monster: Boobies beware

All the beautiful people are at the beach.  Some are topless too.

Gorgeous bodies, all resting in peace.   Warm sun and cool breezes.  Not a care in the world, (except back waxing issues).

No sign of danger lurking.

(Cue Jaws theme)

What is that emerging from the sand?  Oh no!


Well camouflaged, sand monster waits in the dunes for unsuspecting topless people.  He sees an innocent boobie and he attacks.

Fear his mortal kiss of sand.

Topless women, beware of the breastfeeding sand monster.  He is insatiable and any boob will do.  He does not discriminate.

Be very afraid.

PS:  Thanks to the Feria, it’s a long weekend in Algeciras.  I’ll be outside and  internet free for a couple days.  Go get some sun!



  1. Too Too Cute! OMG could you imagine what some unsuspecting topless woman would do if Yago ran up to her and tried to latch on….now THAT would be a funny sight!

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