Minty Snails -The recipe you’ve been waiting for.

Usually it’s close-ups of my kid’s drooly face.  But today I have new gooey photos for you.  Snails!  Do try to contain your excitement.

I have eaten my share of escargot.  But as far as I am concerned, the best thing about eating snails is the garlic and butter.

So I have never warmed up to the provincial specialty,  “Caracoles al poleo” (Snails in Penny Royal Mint)

Snails do a reverse hibernation.  When the hot weather arrives they fast, shedding lots of yucky snail stuff.  When they are cleansed and ready to sleep, that is when my neighbours figure they are ready to eat.

See those big tubs and scoops in the foreground?


They come in different sizes and colors.

If a scoop won’t do you can buy yourself a sack of snails.

The sidewalk bars are full of people slurping snails out of their shells.  Minty broth drips down their chins and arms.  Mountains of shells pile on the tables.

So, in case that has you drooling like a teething toddler, I’ll include the recipe.  I can’t recommend them, I am just doing a public service here.  Because I don’t think Martha Stewart covers minty snails.

Minty Snails

  • Soak 2 kg of snails in cold water for at least a day, then rinse them several times until the yucky snail goo is gone.
  • Put them in a big pot of cold water and start to cook them slowly.
  • Add a big hunk of Penny Royal mint and 4 cloves of garlic.
  • Cook until the broth turns dark.
  • Roll up your sleeves and start slurping.


  1. I must admit to drawing the line at snails. I love the fact that Morrisons in Gibraltar sells them in jars though… (big jars). They’d never do that in the UK. There would be Yorkshiremen rioting in the streets.


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