Southern Spain is famous for it’s “Pueblos Blancos” (White Villages.)

Genalguacil is one of my favorites.

Picturesque and lego-like, it hangs off the hillside.

The pedestrian streets are clean and steep. It is a maze of white walls,  geraniums and the electrical cords that are impossible to retrofit in an ancient Arab village.

Villages like this either create their own reincarnation via tourism, or die a slow death.  There is not a lot of work for goat herders in the hills these days.  There are even less young folk wanting the job.

Genalguacil recreated itself via modern sculpture.  Since 1994 they have held modern art festivals and installed the best pieces in the streets.   In every corner you will find eye-candy designed with the site in mind.

The 500 odd inhabitants are mostly elderly.  The ancient architecture, old geezers, and modern installations do more than co-exist.  Genalguacil is a welcoming and refreshing sangría of tradition and progression.

Every corner is aesthetically pleasing, but lived in.  It’s beautiful, but modest.  You can both look and touch.

Somehow it just works.

Everyone fits in somewhere.



  1. To celebrate Canada day, we went to the local farmer’s market. We saw jewelry, veggies, bread, soap… no bras or flipflops to be seen. We got everyone all dressed in Canada gear and then my son (3 years old) decided he wanted to wear his Spanish jersey and shorts… go Spain! At least we could explain that Spain is playing in the World Cup tonight.

  2. so beautiful!!! need to go and visit this pueblo! … once Lili is walking. the steepo streets look like great for climbing. 🙂

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