Happy Canadian Stereotype Day

Usually I poke fun at my Spanish husband and his lard eating habits. Or I wax poetic on bullfighters with their pink socks and Mickey Mouse hats. But Canada Day is the perfect excuse to flaunt some Canadian stereotypes. Plus, it’s a catchy tune.

I love their three steps to being Canadian:

  1. Lose the gun
  2. Buy a canoe
  3. Live multiculturally

Happy Canada Day!



  1. That is very catchy, and surprisingly iconic but true. 🙂
    So, I wonder which of the 3 steps will be the hardest for most people to follow?

  2. Hi! I’ve seen your blog after visiting another bilingual blog, I don’t remember which one…
    Cool video! Hey, now that I think of it, I already own a kayak, I don’t have any gun and speak some French… I’m almost Canadian 🙂
    Best regards from Barcelona,

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