Andalusious Noisiosis – male flock sighting

Our weekend in Genalgualcil provided more fascinating study of the Andalusious Noisiosis, particularly of the male variety.

From our viewing location we spotted two stragglers.  They led us deep into Andalusious native habitat where we encountered the main flock participating in various spring rituals.

As we saw the concentration of specimen our excitement mounted.  Clearly we were witnessing a Andalsious Noisiosis event of National Geographic proportions.

The female birds were clumped together deep in the nest, dancing to organ music.  In response to the incessant mating calls of the females,  the male Andalusious Noisiosis gathered in smaller sub-flocks, centered around various forms of transportation.

This classic example of external plumage takes many forms for the Andalusious.

Such vehicles appear to provide an important societal role:   inter-male bonding.

And give them a place to set their drinks down.

Other males, clearly frightened by the dominant females and the organ music, and perhaps lower in the social hierarchy, kept their escape routes open while obtaining sustenance.

With this puzzling behavioral anomaly, we recognized the need for deeper study.  At which point we fought our way to the bar and further academic work was postponed indefinitely.

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