First Not So Spanish Contest

Help.  I am at a loss with this photo.  Can you believe it?  Me, all out of  wit and sarcasm.   I need your help.

What remark, jab or imaginary conversation does this image deserve?

This outfit is not just a “Not So Spanish” kind of look, it is more a  “Holy crap, they would take away your Spanish passport” kind of look.

I can actually relate to this girl and probably we should be best friends.  She is obviously concerned about comfort and convenience.  I doubt she would dress her children in starched white ruffled blouses and leiderhosen. But for all my lack of good taste I have never been tempted to highlight my belly roll by squeezing it between a thong and a bum bag.

So please, dear readers.  What witty title does this fashion FO-PA  deserve?

The grand prize winner will receive my express permission to flop on the couch and drink a cold beer.



    1. Brian, would you please write ablog? I want to read it. I just know there will be teddy bears, bad poetry and sarcasm; in short, the things that make life worth living. Please, now go recline on your favorite furniture, pat yourself wherever you prefer and indulge in a cool beverage. You deserve it.

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