Best key hiding place ever

My neighbourhood is full of graffiti, and to be honest, I like it.  It’s low brow graffiti, mostly involving some punk’s desire to see his name in big letters.  Not much artistic thought behind the work.  But at least it adds a splash of color and texture to a smooth concrete landscape.

Luckily, I tore myself away from staring at people’s shoes long enough to admire this wall for a moment. Very lucky indeed, because I just happened to witness this little scene.

“Mommy will never look here!”

There is our local locksmith inserting my keys into a deep crevice in the wall.

And I still let him carry my keys while we walk.  Slow learner, this Mommy.



  1. You ever thought about giving him some decoy-keys? Or, possibly putting a GPS transmitter on them so that when (not if) they go missing the whole family can have some Geo-Caching fun finding them?

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