Beer, flags and t-shirts

There is still only one story in Spain.  The World Cup heros returned yesterday to an unprecedented victory parade and street party in Madrid.  Depending on what paper you read, there were between 1 and 2.5 million people in the streets despite the +40 degree temperatures.

The crowd formed even before they had a chance to block the streets.  The bus pushed through a hysterical mass of  patriotism.

They say a Spanish World Cup victory will be good for the economy.  I’m not sure. Although I guarantee worker productivity rates have taken a hit in the last two days, beer sales are through the roof.   National T-shirt and flag sales are also up, but they are all made in China.  Time will tell whether octopus will become a national delicacy or a protected species.



  1. Jack wanted to wear his Spain jersey again today. Perhaps it was in honour of the parade. Perhaps you could buy another one of those Chinese made jersey because I don’t know if Jack’s jersey will make it through the summer – it is already stained!

  2. Hi! Great to hear from you, really enjoying your posts. Nice to know there are other bloggers in ‘the hood’. My Spanish friends haven’t got a clue what a blog is:)
    We’re based near Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro, twenty minutes from Algeciras. Maybe we could meet for a cafelito next time I’m in Algeciras. I have to go there sometimes to develop photos. Drop me a line at vibekepettersen-at-hotmail-dot-com if you like.

  3. I can’t even imagine, in my wildest dreams, what it must be like to be “in” that crowd….just think of the smell!! Oi Vey.

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