Busy Canadian Beavers

We are off to Canada tomorrow!  Six weeks of holidays with friends and family.  I can’t wait.  Getting ready is always a bit stressful.  We are really busy.  Lots of important things to do.

Like go to the beach.

So much to do and so little time.

All that swimming, splashing and sand eating to do.

Every afternoon without fail, right up until a very late bedtime, more beach, beach, beach.

I bet Yago will touch down in Canada and still have sand in his ears.  We will be pushing the limits of beach time to the max and packing in a frenzy at the last minute.

Have no fear, dear readers, we are going on vacation but this blog is not.   There will still be plenty of ugly shoes, cute kids and crazy cultural oddities.  But for the rest of the summer we will be looking at the peculiarities of Canadians through the eyes of my Spanish husband.

Big trucks.  Drive-thru windows.  High-top running shoes with beer shirts.   Oh yes, we will be busy little beavers.

The posting may be a little less frequent.  One thing we are looking forward to is camping in some places where blogging will not be possible.  But I promise to keep you informed as to how Rogelio is managing in the wilds of Canada.  He has his Tim Hortons credit card and is ready for anything.

So see you in a couple days.  The next post will be about the joys of taking a toddler across nine time zones.

Wish me luck.


  1. Welcome home!

    And good luck on the flight! Last time we went to Europe, we had an almost 1 year old and an almost 3 year old with us. Nighmare-inducing, really, but on the way there a bunch of people congratulated us for having such well-behaved children once we reached our destination. And the kids hadn’t been particularly well-behaved – it’s just that in comparison to some other children on the flight, including the one who screamed all night as he couldn’t get to sleep and his dad didn’t manage to calm him with anything, were so much worse.

    And if you are extra lucky, you will have a bunch of people from certain cultures on your flight here who love blond little children and will keep your monkey entertained on the way over just as happened to us. Our youngest clapped and cheered with them as much as possible, but the oldest one shone and performed many songs for them. And on the way out, the entire travel group insisted on shaking her hand. Some more than once.

    See, there’s hope for you 🙂

    Enjoy the beach, and tell the husband to keep his eyes open for mullets!

  2. Safety tip: Don’t forget your moose! You’ll need it coming to Canada!
    Heck, I’ve got a moose, and I’m in Canada, so everyone must need em, eh. 🙂

  3. Good luck, Rea! I am sure it will be better as you expect… And Yago will adjust to the time difference much quicker than you, mummy & daddy! 😉 ENJOY being back home! Its lovely.

  4. Note to self: Busy beavers should check the expiry date of their passport at least 6 months before trip to Canada!

  5. Good luck with the journey! So good of you to get your beautiful beach fill in before coming home. Let me know if you come out west at all!

  6. Have a safe trip. If you are venturing up to Prince George, give me a ring. I would love to see you and meet your family.

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