Monty Does Madrid

Our long-awaited trip to Canada has gotten off to a slow start.  Passport problem.  Canadian passport problem.  Someone forgot to renew their passport.  Can’t blame Rogelio or Yago.  There are only two Canadian passport holders in this family.

Monty!  Ya, that’s it, let’s blame the defenseless ungulate.  Can’t trust a horned beast to keep track of the details.  So, thanks to that crazy moose, we spent a week in Madrid and Segovia.  Not to mention a bit of quality time at the Canadian embassy.

Here’s Monty at the Aqueduct in Segovia.  This was built by the Romans in 1 AD.  No cement, no crazy glue.  Just rocks piled on rocks.

“Yago and Monty, please,  DON’T. TOUCH. ANYTHING.

Here you see a humble moose, asking forgiveness from the saint of naughty passport holders.

Monty was excited to see a bear in the Plaza del Sol.  It reminded him of his old neighbour in the clearcut back home.

Yago and Monty look like they are planning to join the buffet.

I feel for the old gal. Her bikini isn’t riding quite the same as it used to either.

We are going to try to go to Canada again tomorrow.  As long as they don’t taser us at the airport we should be OK.


  1. LOL….I thought the Americans cornered the market on tasering illegal – um – moose. It’s nice to see our neighbors to the north are catching up.

  2. Ya, okay now I get it….I thought you were already here! Silly me.
    Just don’t try landing at YVR, apparently their tasering skills are impeccable.
    Hoping to see you soon.

    p.s. Love that Monty the Moose is along for the jaunt across the big waters back to his homeland.

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