We made it.

Nine time zones, eight days, three flights, two molars and more money than I care to think about, here we are in Canada.  It wasn’t pretty, but we made it.

Madrid was exciting, but we were glad to get out of there.  It was stinking hot and we did a lot of walking around the city.  We didn’t smell very good.

Luckily we did find a few places to cool off.  These fountains were right in front of the Canadian Embassy.  So if you ever have passport issues in Madrid, you can look forward to splashing here.  Although I really hope you find other things to put on your Madrid tour.

Not sure if they are an artistic monument or a kiddie attraction, but finding them was a success. 

No towel needed.  At 40 degrees, you’ll be dry before you know it.

Saves wear and tear on the water bottle.

Cuts down bathing time at night.

Maybe Mommy isn’t so dumb after all.


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