Rogelio meets the RCMP

Like many foreigners, Rogelio is fascinated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, (RCMP). He loves the iconic image of the red tunic and black hat, astride those great horses.  He even had an RCMP doll as a child.

So you can imagine how excited he was to meet them in person.  At 7:30 am.  In his underwear.

He had the unique opportunity of explaining in his second language, to a man with a gun, how Yago must have coincidentally dialled 911 while fiddling with the phone.

We are going to buy a lottery ticket today.

The officer came into the house to check on the state of the nation and bought his story of being an innocent but lenient Spanish dad, lost somewhere in northern BC.

Yago thought it was great. Not one, but two cop cars out front. 

Rogelio was a little disappointed though.  No horses. 

I slept through the whole thing.  Just got up in time to take a picture of the cop checking Rogelio’s passport data in the car.

They are on to us.



  1. I suppose if needed, you could have had Yago pull out his moose. That would have helped convince them that you are all harmless folk, eh? 🙂

  2. Personal service at it’s best! I think we often put the rcmp in a negative light, when they are often our biggest allies – except for those Canadian speeding tickets. Tell Rogelio to stay away from those!

  3. You had me at …. in his underwear. You’ll have to teach Rogelio the “COPS” theme…bad boys bad boys watcha gonna do. Everyone on that show is in there underwear, well almost everyone.

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