Sonny Crockett gets married in Vernon

A Miami Vice themed wedding.  You wouldn’t see that in Spain.

Here comes the wedding party.   Just how many guys in white pants and pastel pink shirts can you fit in one Okanagan ski boat?

Let’s count, Yago.   Count Dracula style.

ONE 80’s dude, ah, ah, ah.  TWO hair gel abusers, ah, ah, ah.

Three. Four.

FIVE of my high-school contemporaries who also watched too much TV and listened to Whitesnake, ah, ah, ah.

It was actually quite a beautiful wedding.

Except the part where they grapevined down the aisle.

Rogelio was a tad concerned about the quantity of bridesmaid backside.  There was a bit of glare off the turquoise satin.

But my favorite moment was during the romantic colored-sand mixing ceremony, when the old gal wandered though with her pool noodle.



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