NOT every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man

I am a delinquent blogger.  I apologize.  Not much flowed from these fingers over the summer.  I promise that I’ll make it up to you.  As soon as Yago recovers from his jet lag.  Crossing nine time zones via three airports with a toddler is not conducive to coherent thought.  And to think that I forgot to renew my passport before the trip.  I wonder how many details I have let slip since?

Alas, I will distract myself from responsibility with fond memories of Canada.  Oh, clean, green Canada, my home and native land.  Until next year….

Here we have Yago with his two cousins at my brother’s wedding.  Big cousin Sydney takes her role very seriously.

Sydney:  “Gotta keep these babies in line.  Abby, sit still.  Yago, look at the camera.  Now, I told you, no wiggling!”

Abby: ” Look over there, I’m going to climb the steeple and ring that bell.”

Sydney:  “OK, that is enough baby wrangling for me.  This kid clashes with my dress.”

Sydney:  “Finally, he’s gone. Now we can talk Barbies and do some dress twirling without Mr. Penguin Suit cramping our girly style.”

Abby:  “The guy in the suit can’t climb, but if you give me a boost I could get onto that roof , no problem.”

Yago: ” If you don’t want me girls, fine.  I’m looking sharp and I’m looking for love.  Maybe if I smile nice I can steal a kiss from that nice lady in the fancy white dress.”


One comment

  1. I’m usually not much for the guys in penguin suits either…..BUT OMG, this sharp dressed man is simply ADORABLE!!!! I think he’s playing hard to get! ❤ ❤ ❤

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