My latest get-rich-quick plan

Where the heck are the neighbourhood water parks in Spain?  Maybe I am just out of the loop and they do exist, but certainly not in Algeciras.  They are everywhere in Canada, in a climate where they can only be enjoyed two months of the year.  These should be on every corner in Spain.

The closest thing to water parks are the upscale bars in Sevilla.  The sidewalk tables are equipped with overhead jets of cool vapor to keep the drinkers refreshed while they indulge.

I do understand why water parks haven’t taken off here.  They are not high heel friendly and Spanish kids are not allowed to remove their fancy leather shoes except accompanied by an adult between July 1st and August 31st.  But the biggest problem with water parks in Spain?  No booze.

So here is where I get rich.  Picture this.  Combination smokey bar/kid’s water park.    I’ll get a scratchy sound system and blare Lilo-Lilo style flamenco.  A good breeze will keep the beer drinking parents cool on the sidelines while the kids play.  But the key feature is that the overhead water tubes will make a perfect place to hang the legs of jamon and obligatory old photos of bull fighters.

I only anticipate one problem.  The local abundance of dog crap may be the limiting factor.  Dry dog turds are one thing, but squishy wet poo between the toes would be bad for business.

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