Top Ten List – Things I did NOT miss about Algeciras

There are lots of things I love about Algeciras;  the climate, the street life, and of course, the fact that my husband lives here.  But there are a few unique features of this place that the Spanish tourist brochures fail to mention:

Top Ten Things I Did Not Miss About Algeciras This Summer

  1. Garbage in the streets.
  2. The smell of cigarette smoke.
  3. Dog crap in the playgrounds.
  4. The incessant whine of scooters.
  5. Cats fighting outside my window at night.
  6. The fact that my house has zero closets.
  7. The stench of my neighbours’ various perfumes in the elevator.
  8. Strangers who give parenting advice.
  9. Passive-agressive elderly ladies who use their elbows as finely tuned weapons.
  10. Hairy men in white pants.

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