Grouse Grind

While we were in Vancouver with my cousin Michelle and family we hauled all the kids up Grouse Mountain.  I say that figuratively.  Actually, the gondola hauled the kids up the mountain.

The view is spectacular, but impossible to capture with a camera.  If you hit a good day you can see Mount Baker, the entire city, down into the Cascade Range in Washington State, not to mention the gulf islands and the Pacific.

There is a reason why Grouse Mountain is on every tourist’s to do list.

There are wild animals and loggers sports, hikes and big greasy donuts dipped in sugar.  Rogelio liked that part.  You can even find trees so big you can hide the whole family inside.  That is cousin Michelle, Sydney and Abby trying to give us the slip.

Rogelio was dying to stretch his legs so we suggested he go for a little hike.  Skip the gondola ride and walk up.  It is a super popular path, just a quick little jaunt.  They call it “The Grouse Grind.”

What we didn’t tell him is that the Grouse Grind climbs 853 meters (2799 feet)  in 2.9 km.  The average grade is 30 percent.  A little jaunt indeed.

He made good time and was still smiling when he arrived at the top.  They say the average hiker’s time is about 90 minutes and he felt good about clocking in under that.  Then cousin Michelle mentioned that she did it in 50 minutes when she was six months pregnant.  But one must keep in mind that cousin Michelle is not a meer mortal.

When Rogelio saw the mountain from the beach the next day he was duly impressed.  Yup, my husband climbed up that puppy.  The guy deserved his donuts that day.


One comment

  1. That has to be the best view ever….you can tell Rogelio that (perhaps) while you were here, not sure when, but recently a young guy, RAN! the Grouse Grind setting a record of something insane like 22 minutes!!! actually there you go I just looked it up. 23 mmin 48 sec. on Aug.17.
    There you go something for Rogelio to look forward to (next year)???

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